Why I became a yoga & mindfulness coach

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

As a yoga & mindfulness coach by far, the most common question I get asked is ‘why I became one. My answer is usually quite simple so it might surprise you. At 48 years of age, I have had many jobs but today I live a life of purpose. This might sound like a cliche right, but it is the plain and simple truth.

I have run my own businesses and worked from small business to large international corporate enterprises. Every job I have ever had, ever risk I have ever taken and mistake I have ever made, in a long and colourful career was the making of the yoga & mindfulness coach I am today. The twists and the turns on the road here brought me to this exact place, where I was always going to be.

I have over my career hit many glass ceilings, been forced to face my own limiting beliefs and been knocked down more times than I would possibly have liked. Through this, I learned resilience, but on the way, I lost my authenticity. I lost who I was almost completely. I was a woman who attempted to become a man in a man’s world. Does my story sound familiar? I know you the reader will relate to this because we are living in a world that not only promotes for us all the be the same, but it makes it often feels like it is impossible to find a way back home to you. Professional women like I was, trying to be a man to get ahead in their career are so frequently plagued by imposter syndrome, self-loathing, depression and anxiety that can potentially erode every relationship in our life from the boardroom to the bedroom. I know this because it happened to me.

Then for me one day something magical began to happen. I uncovered a startling revelation when my journey hit one of the biggest bumps in the road yet, complete dissatisfaction. I discovered that I had a unique gift that appeared as a clever coping mechanism to survive the life I had already lived. This coping mechanism was my incredible capacity to endure and overcome adversity. This discovery caused a shift in my mind and pushed me out of my safe comfort zone and set me on the trajectory that brought me here. Life has a way of pushing you forward in the right direction, even sometimes when you don’t understand or when you feel somehow completely lost.

I believe in the philosophy that if you want the world to change, first you must be the change in the world you want to see. I wanted a better world for all women. A world where women could be authentic and choose a career alongside motherhood if they desired, without feeling inadequate as a mother or a partner. So I set about changing myself. This is where the true power of being a woman exists, inside you. So I began a beautiful inward journey of discovery for myself.

It was more about finding my way home and rediscovering the woman below the surface I had lost. What I discovered over time and with the support of coaches, mentors and supporters cheering me on was a beautiful, kind, strong and yet compassionate and humble woman. I learned that as a woman you are your most powerful when you are your authentic self, and your least powerful when you are not. With support, I regained my power.

I now hold my own space powerfully, not as a professional woman trying to be a man in a man’s world as I had been for so many years. Now I was a woman being a woman on my terms and I became powerful in ways I never imagined. I earned the respect of men who made room for me in their man’s world, personally and professionally. In doing this I also realised that many men honoured women being authentic women. Once I found my way back home I realised that it was time to lead the way for other women to find their way back too.

Today I empower professional women through yoga & mindfulness coaching to unlock their authentic power as a woman. So now I not only get to be the change I wanted to see in the world, but I also get to empower other women to do the same. This is how the world will change. Women bring a strong presence equally as important as men in this world. We live in a world that is out of balance. It is time to return the balance as women leading the way forward with a strong feminine ripple effect.

Are you ready to lead the way as a powerful woman? Do you want to live an authentic life that will improve your relationships in every part of your life from the boardroom to the bedroom? Let us embark on this journey together, to co-create your best life ever whether you are a CEO, business owner, executive or sole trader. Your feminine power is needed in the world so that we can bring back the balance we have lost.

Connect with me today and I will show you how I did it and so can you!


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